Code of Practice

A Strong Foundation

The Wash Room is built on the foundations of a service that is a premium, affordable, designed for customer satisfaction to take care of everything in your closet.

Article 1

We, at The Wash Room, shall endeavour to be and remain informed regarding the essential facts which influence the cleaning or clothing industry and the way in which pieces of clothing and textures are dealt with, so as to have the option to furnish the client with the best possible service and advice.

Article 2

The acceptance of garments and fabrics for purposes of dry cleaning or laundering imposes the obligation of rendering skilled and conscientious services. If The Wash Room is unable to render service due to lack of experienced specialists, we shall not attempt to treat the garment or fabric for cleaning or laundering.

Article 3

The Wash Room would ideally inform the customer fully and frankly, at the time the garments or fabrics are submitted for cleaning or laundry concerning any potential adverse effects that the garment or fabric may undergo during the cleaning or laundering process.

Article 4

At the time of accepting the garments or fabrics for cleaning or laundry, The Washroom shall advise the customer of his or her opinion concerning the care label instructions where, in his or her experience, these instructions may have an adverse effect on the garments or fabrics, as a whole.

Article 5

Where there is the chance of negative impact on a piece of clothing or texture all in all by adhering to the producer’s consideration mark guidelines, The Wash Room will, for the security of the client, cause these worries to be raised with the client and ideally be put in writing and provide a copy of same to the customer.

Article 6

The Wash Room will watch the Aims and Objectives and the Bye-laws of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers and will do everything conceivable to advance the acknowledgement of adherence to its Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Article 7

All means of conducting business shall be carried out in a manner that is consistent with maintaining public respect and confidence regarding the profession of Dry Cleaning or Laundry.

Article 8

The Wash Room will be and stay mindful of the issues and patterns concerning the ecological issues relating to the cleaning and clothing industry and shall observe and support legislation, rules and regulations that are intended to limit any negative impacts on the condition that may happen by the utilization of cleaning or compound items in cleaning or clothing.

Article 9

The Wash Room will support seminars and courses as will be important, so as to stay mindful of advancements inside the cleaning business and to have the option to readily support their clients, associates and the general population.

Article 10

All staff of The Wash Room will conduct themselves in a responsible manner so as to reflect credit on the dry cleaning and laundry industry as a whole and on its participants.

Article 11

The Wash Room shall not deny her professional service to any person for reasons of race, creed, colour, sex, handicap, marital status or country of origin. The member shall not be a party to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons on the basis of these distinctions.

Article 12

The Wash Room shall store, use and dispose of all chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents, used in her business, in accordance with all laws and regulations and shall do all things that are necessary to minimise any negative impact that the use of these may have on the environment, on the consumer, on employees or colleagues.